Hi there!
I'm Diego Tramontin, a Designer living in Los Angeles and working at Jam3.


The Nordweg design concept is to create beautiful products to accompany people who see meaning in the small things in life, people that are always ready for great moments and new exciting experiences. Nordweg has teamed up with the Brazilian cycling brand Kirschner to create the gorgeous leather Serra Saddle Bag.

  • Client, Nordweg
  • Marketing Director, Isaque Kirschner
  • Photo and Video, Guilherme Coelho (Rabbit Films)
  • Design Director, Diego Tramontin
  • Year, 2017

Esporte Interativo

Esporte Interativo is one of the most popular sports channels in Brazil. My mission on this project was to think of a way to unify the user experience for both subscribers and non-subscribers of the channel.

One of the challenges we faced was to create a product that was able to centralize all the sporting content in one place, with a focus on interaction between users. Another challenge was for us to deliver the best possible pre, during and post-game experience for users.

  • Agency, Huge Inc.
  • Diego Tramontin, Product and Visual Designer
  • Luciano Pouzada, Creative Director
  • Zero Coccorese, Design Lead
  • Renan Feltri, Product Designer
  • Year, 2016


      The aim of this project was to create a new line of templates for the most popular company on the Theme Forest site. Using smooth lines and with a focus on the user’s consumer preferences, the challenge was to deliver personalized content for each user profile and to create a far better consumption experience for the company’s products.

      • Agency, SmartWave
      • My Role, Senior Product and Visual Designer
      • Year, 2016

      Hello Aerial

      I worked on a lot of cool things during the time I spent in Detroit. One of those was a proposal for the new site for Hello Aerial, which is a company that produces video content. Hello Aerial’s work speaks for itself, so the challenge was to think of a way to present this work in a simple and attractive, multi-platform accessible way.

      • Agency, Hello Innovation
      • My Role, Senior Product and Visual Designer
      • Year, 2015

      Jeep Renegade

      Like most Brazilians, I am passionate about cars. So, naturally, I found it easy to channel this passion into the redesign of the Jeep Renegade site, one of the top 10 popular cars in its category. The redesign consisted of focusing on the stand out features of the car, without forgetting the main objective of the page, which is to help users choose the Jeep Renegade.

      • My Role, Senior Product and Visual Designer
      • Year, 2016